Thursday, September 10, 2009


Where is my Katey B? Oh miss Beckinsale save us please!

Had 37 knot winds today, just got back in from helping Krissie shovel out the BIF in a very fun whiteout. By the time I would get one section shoveled the other section had a half an inch of snow again...

The walk out to the BIF was no big deal, aside from the fact that we couldn't see where we were going. The walk back into the station however, sucked. We were walking straight into the 25 knot wind and blowing ice shards, not snow, ice shards. We were going to go through the VMF which was quite close and would allow us to walk indoors. However, when we got to the doors they were buried, so we have to walk back up the hill from the VMF and into the station.

Fun stuff

Side note:

We were asked by Warner Brothers to do an International video teleconference, where Kate Beckinsale would have been in all her glory. We would have been able to talk to her, see her and just make our freaking day basically but certain grumpy butts in the NSF said no. Why, because they hate Hollywood. And apparently have never seen anything with Kate Beckinsale in it...

Though I don't think any of the guys on station would have been able to speak or control the drool :}. Oh well.

Personally, I tend to follow the theory of it's easier to apologize after than it is to get permission before. So it's a good thing I wasn't the sys admin. I would have had a bunch of angry old farts back int he states, but a bunch of very happy polies ;}


jeanne said...

absolutely awesome pics! You are becoming quite the photographer.

jeanne said...

Opps! wrong blog. I guess if you are into Kate it would be an awesome pic:) Sunrise pics are amazing!