Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There sure is a lot of it around here, sheesh. I haven't finished processing the sunrise photos that I have thus far so I thought I would throw up some recent photos of the sastrugi (essentially snow drifts). I will eventually get to the sunrise photos...Speaking of sunrise that dang fiery ball is intense. It was up in full force two nights ago around 2am while Krissie and I were in the galley: holy cow it is bright. For whatever reason I couldn't stop staring at the sun. It was the first time I had seen the actual sun in months, and boy was it beautiful. It was really beginning to hurt though, all the constant staring. Later on in the evening I was even able to see the full circle of the sun through some clouds. It was just surreal.

Back to the sastrugi:

Very cool.

I love this photo, it doesn't look like snow to me. If i were to change the colors and turn this into a dark greyish black you would think it stone (well I would anyway). Notice the layering that occurs, I also like this photo because it reminds me of the huge 3-4" everlasting gobstoppers that looked like this with the colorful layering as you worked your way through it.

Just purdy.

Well that's all! Hopefull I'll get some of those sunrise pics finished and posted tonight during our test satellite passes.


Ron said...

I can say from all of us, a very warm thank you for sharing your winter over with us. Not a day weny by I didnt check in to see what was happening down there. Your photography will perhaps be your meal ticket in the future, There are many pics that are special. Theres real talent there. I wish you and Krissie all the best for your new year trip! Ya think theres something in yer bag o tricks that you could send my 6 yr old girl(rrizz66883@aol.com) as weve been following yer blog..she loves all you guys and gals, sponge bob, weather and snow..personally I like Kate! The best to you all and thanks again for all the info and great pics! Take care!

Ron said...

check that... I said I like Kate, and I do..My daughter loves Krissie because she has girl power to send those baloons up and beat those guys racing and stuff..So we Like Krissie better than Kate anyday! Gosh now maybe Jessica will go to bed now! Happy equinox!