Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The sun is getting closer and closer to popping over the horizon. Here are some of the photos I took yesterday 9-8.

The photos are all HDR images. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, basically it's a layering of the same image taken with different exposure values.

This was taken off of the A4 Deck looking out towards Summer Camp. I thought the little arch thing there was pretty freaking cool.

This was taken from the A4 deck as well, through the railings. I really like this shot, not this photo per se, but how the shot is composed. I've tried to capture it a few times, both now and last summer. I still haven't quite figured it out yet though.

This was taken from the roof, the main building you see off center in the middle of the image is the BIF (Balloon Inflation Facility).

And now for my favorite two HDRs, they are almost the same photo, though the exposures are different giving me a different look to each HDR.

This was taken from the A1 deck.

Again from the A1 deck. This is my favorite version of the two.

Hope you liked em!

On a side note, I've been having auto focusing issues with the camera and this other lens and I've been unable to figure out why. Today I realized that I changed my auto focus to a selective auto focus which was only focusing the dead center of my images rather than a, well auto auto focus. Hopefully this will take care of the weird problems I've been having. Oh and I've noticed a bunch of weird spots on all my images that I don't recall seeing before, though when you shoot night shots it's hard to see something like this. It turns out that it's dust or something on the actual sensor. Cully gave me a good tip to figure out if it was the sensor, tried it and it did indeed seem to be the sensor. I then checked the manual on how to clean the sensor (I had no idea how to get the mirror to pop up) and was able to see little specs on the sensor. Cully's going to let me use some of his cleaning equipment to take care of it. It's not really that big of a problem since the spots are int he same spot in every image, I know where to look and can easily remove them in photoshop.

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CJ said...

Great pictures -- like another world. It makes me want to read Kim Stanley Robinson's book on Antarctica or see Whiteout.