Sunday, September 13, 2009

National Geographic Magazine

Made it into the daily dozen again. I would GREATLY appreciate you folks (and every living human being you know with internet access) taking the time to go to the site and vote. This first time I made it I didn't really care, I just threw up a random photo i sorta liked. This time I picked one I thought might have a chance. And it is one of my favorite photos from down here.

vote what you think I deserve, though 10's of course are best. If I win I get on the cover of the magazine, so that would be pretty sweet.

I'm either in week 1 or week 2, I'm not sure which anymore. My photo is a black and white photo of ARO, which i can't get blogger to upload. I'm sure you can find it.

yay me ;}


CJ said...

I gave it a 10, great photo. I liked the caption. It really does look like another planet.

Slartibartfast said...

Nice work!