Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Krissie and I are now officially going to be in Sydney Australia for New Years Eve! I started poking around the interwebs looking for hotels close to the Sydney Harbor Bridge (where the fireworks are fired on New Years) and happened across something called the Harbour Parade of Lights. The Harbour Parade of Lights is a select few boats who get invited to light up their boats with ropelights/etc and sail down the harbor prior to the fireworks on New Years. Some of the photos i have seen of it are incredible. They have pirate ships! Krissie calls them tall ships or something ridiculous, they are obviously pirate ships. Anyway moving on...

So these boats not only sail down the harbor prior to the fireworks show, but they also sit on the water next to the bridge the entire time fireworks are going off. There are two fireworks displays, one at 9pm for families, and then of course the event at midnight for New Years. And we will be there for both as close as any bystander can possibly be! We will also be served dinner and cocktails the whole time on the boat! It is going to be awesome. Here is the official confirmation!

And here are photos of the boat and what we will be seeing that night, oh god this is awesome.

The boat is called the Starship Sydney, the largest all glass boat in the world (all-glass is what they call it though obviously this is not quite true)

This is inside, I have no idea what it will look like on the night we will be on it, they change the interior around depending on the occasion.

Side deck?

Another side deck shot, this one though you can see the Sydney Opera House (something I've wanted to see my whole life, well at least as long as I can remember (which lately isn't saying much)) and the Sydney harbor Bridge, where the fireworks will be shot. Can you even put something in parenthesis, inside of a parenthesized statement. I'm at the pole I can make my own words/grammar up if i want to!

This is an amazing shot from the top deck, I can only hope I will be able to get shots like this while there!

Top deck still, with the bridge in the background

And this is what we will be seeing...

Look how close we will be, look at those dang boats in the water. This is how you do New years (though Times Square is still on the to do list...). Look at those poor saps NOT on the boats watching the fireworks ;}

Yup it is going to be awesome!

Oh and side note unrelated to this post, I've recently discovered I am going through Polar T3 Syndrome, thanks Francis for making me look that up, jerk! I don't really feel like writing about that in this post, just thought I would throw that out there and give my mom something else to worry about :}. Let's just say I now understand what it means to be toast, suck...

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