Friday, July 17, 2009

Proof of Alien Civilizations on the Moon

Here at the South Pole, I was able to use one of our super telescopes to view a secret hidden Moon society. That is right, a civilization living on the Moon!

Here's the proof.

Some sort of base camp, with what would appear to be a housing for a high powered laser

An attack on the station!

It looks to have survived

Some form of rover tracks can be seen heading over a hill

Eek! An alien's shadow! They knew we were watching!

It's entirely possible that I am getting weirder every day I am down here. I can neither confirm nor deny this.

Anywho, about to go outside and finish my snow stakes, current weather is only -92.2F, a bit warmer from the -96.7 we saw earlier today. Will it hit -100?? I hope so, and for no reason in particular ;}

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Slartibartfast said...

Sweet shots, as usual. More!

Check out my little project for the day - this is the view out the N side of continuing ed (Ted's office) - -Ian-