Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Goodbye my family

Cully will probably be killing me tonight in my sleep.

He was super excited about getting into the National Geographic Daily Dozen competition where you are allowed to send in one photo each month of competition to see if the judges will select your photo.

Here is the link to the site, where you can see the photos;

If they select your photo, then the world votes on it through their website at:

Now after I went to the site to check his photo out I discovered you can vote for the photos, he didn't think you could do that yet. So i sent him an email letting him know how and where folks needed to go to vote for his pic and that I voted for him with the highest mark.

While checking out the site, I got to thinking well, maybe I'll send in a photo just to see what would happen. With no notion of ever making it, Cully's damn good at what he does, I'm an amateur at best.

Well today as I came back to check on some panos I was building I noticed I had an email from Cully. This is very odd he RARELY even responds to my emails, he generally just ignores them/me. Well the subject line was "I hate you by the way". Hmm seemed even more odd now, apparently he was mad that I sent in another photo of the south pole. Hmm, how did he know this, then it clicked I discovered that my photo was on today's chosen slot for the Daily Dozen. Oops. So the first and only picture I've ever sent into them got selected, what are the odds of that?

So voting wraps up in two days, all voting has to be done by the 1st of august. I don't think he needs to worry too much, I have basically a day and a half to get folks to vote for the thing. I'm not too worried about it really, it would be cool to win but whatevs.

So now I'm afraid Cully is going to kill me in my sleep, just joking, maybe a little. Gotta see about getting that lock fixed on the door ;}

Do I feel bad, no. He didn't tell anybody that you could do this until after he made it into the selection, had I known about it prior I would have sent the photo in long ago.Now that I know about it, I have each months submission planned and ready. The competition has arrived Cully, the competition has arrived.

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jeanne said...

Web site you enter is WRONG. I love saying that... anyway it's shot. Having everybody vote.