Friday, July 24, 2009

Magnum P.I. Party Tonight!

Well my little lady turned 30 yesterday/today. Yesterday here at the pole but officially today in the US. That's right got me a cougar, seeing as how I am only 27... ;} (I wonder if she will let me keep this post...)

Yesterday she won the race to McMurdo, beating out some major competition. The race to McMurdo is a little historic event down here at the Pole where you have the option of biking/rowing/running the equivalent distance from the station here back to McMurdo, 840 miles I believe it is. She accomplished this in 5 months. The closest person behind her, Brian, is 150 miles away still. She kicked some major butt. And now to finish off her birthday weekend we will be having a Magnum P.I. Party at the Limey Beaver Pub tonight. Hawaiin dress is highly recommend along with a MUSTache as she put it. If you refuse to shave one, then you have to wear a paper one. We'll see how many people will do this, I hope everyone goes along with it, should be fun. This will be the first and absolute last time I will EVER sport a mustache. The facial hair's not too long right now so I should only look completely ridiculous instead of absolutely.

Went climbing today at the little bouldering cave we have down here with Mark, wow am i out of climbing shape.

I'll try and get caught up with the aurora pictures I have here tomorrow, we'll see. Not sure if I should spread the pictures out over a few days or just drop em all down in on looong post. hmm

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