Thursday, July 23, 2009

Frakkity Frak Frak

So walk all the way out to ICL (very long walk).

Setup the tripod/camera in an ideal position.

Turn on said camera remove lens cap, don't want to be forgetting that thing on!

Notice rear lcd is staying on and lit, hmmm.

Rear lcd says, No Card.

Jeremy says, well my grandparents read this, so let's say I yelled out shucks.

Not too upset at this point it was a good little walk, and no auroras in the sky.

10 minutes into walk back, see 4 large bright falling stars in the direction I would have been shooting, sky EXPLODES with an amazing aurora.

Aurora continues to get brighter and brighter and bigger and bigger.

Call in aurora to station on aurora channel.

Get back into station confirm with folks location and best possible locations for shooting one of the largest brightest auroras I've ever seen.

Grab card, plug into camera.

Sigh as the camera is now frozen meaning I get zero photos of amazing aurora.

Tear off gear in office, and sit here typing this.

Probably the fourth of fifth time I have done this, lame.

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