Saturday, May 9, 2009


Not much to report on really. We started a pool tournament that's going to last 10 weeks I think. Last week I played Weeks and won 2 out of 3 games. We have 2 divisions in which we will play every person in our division once and we will play one person from the other division once. After we have gone through these games we will be ranked and being the championship matches. We play 3 games each match, regardless of the initial wins: meaning if i win the first two games i still have to play the third game. We will be ranked first on number of matches won, then by number of games won. I almost beat Weeks 3-0, the final game i had a full table cut shot with the 8 ball sitting on the rail. I hit the ball nearly perfectly. I didn't have enough speed on the 8 ball and it sat hanging over the pocket, which Weeks then easily pocketed. Grrr

Next week I play Cully, really not sure how that's going to turn out he's pretty good.

That is all I have to say about that.

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jeanne said...

never knew you were such a pool shark. The things you learn AFTER your son goes to the "anus of the world" :)