Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stupid crappy Pool!!

So last week i beat cully 3-0, granted he scratched on the 8-ball in game two then got ticked off and hit the 8 ball in directly when given ball in hand ( a bit shocking at the time). I understand however how cully felt after the lastest round of pool tonight. I lost 0-3 to Francis tonight, threw my cue twice (i have a bit of a temper), which was better than me snapping the cue in half i think, and on the third game i had already given up and was just trying to hit the balls off the table...

My excuses are, well i woke up 30 minutes prior to playing, umm my "breakfast" was digesting, and ok fine i just sucked it up tonight. Pool is a funny game. It is much like golf where it is is a huge mind job. If you miss a couple of shots you really think you should have made, or just missed so dramatically that you are questioning the laws of physics it really takes a toll. You start missing more because you are thinking about the last shot(s), worried about the next shot, then you start doubting you can even make any shot which makes things even worse. It's a very large snowball effect. And to top things off I'm very grumpy in the mornings so the losses weren't sitting very well with me. I haven't played this bad in months, it was embarrassing.

For some reason i have a huge issue with side pocket shots, i miss 90% of the shots i take at them. And tonight was no exception, i missed 3 side pocket shots in a row, not feeling too good at that point. Then i had ball in hand the 9 ball sitting maybe 4 inches away from the side pocket. I said "i just need to sink this easy side pocket to gain some confidence back". I miss the shot, you CAN'T miss that shot, and then my cue went a flying... Still pretty ticked off. I know i suck at pool but this was just ridiculous. In my defense at least i don't umm "rearrange" the book shelves like my buddy Marc does when he get's upset :}


Oh and i have recently found out that my girlfriend was trained by jedi knight monk warriors in the art of Connect Four. You know the simple child's game we all played, well she is a master. I could not beat her once... I swear she was floating with her legs crossed while we were playing, with a slight glow in her hands every time she played a piece.

Oh i finally got a night shot of the station. I've been playing around with a big fancy camera that the station has, a canon 1D i think it is. Giant bugger, i still can't get any shots of the dang sky, the other night it was just incredibly beautiful out. To see the milky Way and all the surrounding stars is just surreal. The sky feels like it is in touching distance. I'm going to work with some of the camera-ey folks here and see what i am doing wrong while trying to take night sky photos.

Anywho here is the only picture i took that is remotely post-able. There aren't many stars in the photo since it was a full moon. That dang thing over powers the rest of the beautiful sky.

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Slartibartfast said...

Cool post/picture! Lookin' forward to snagging the high res version of that one :) -Ian-