Thursday, May 28, 2009

Signs of a South Pole Winter Over

I got to thinking today, man no where else in the world (I imagine) would what i just said make any sense.

This morning Weeks pops in my office and asks if I've seen the weather today. I could hear the wind terrorizing the station so i assume a miserable day and guess probably -80's. Well when i bring up the weather page i was quite shocked. It was only -27F with a windchill of -59F and a 16kt wind. That's pretty windy but those are summer temps. So i go outside wearing jeans, t-shirt, hoody, and my crocs (with no socks of course) and just stood out on the observation deck. I then said what in most circles would make no sense, god this feels good. I stood out there for a few minutes basking in the warmth seriously contemplating taking the hoody off because it was too warm with it on ;}.

Imagine coming inside after a 100F summer day and standing in front of your open freezer door, or maybe an air conditioner blowing straight in your face. That's how it felt being out there only the complete polar opposite ;}.

You couldn't really see anything because it was soo incredibly cloudy there was no light from above (hence the warmth), but dang it felt good. I wonder how New Zealand's summer is going to feel when I leave here :}

Now you have to keep in mind that not even two weeks ago it was -87F with a windchill of -130F when i was doing snow stakes. The weather down here is almost as topsy turvy as Colorado's. I still remember when a summer outdoor concert at fiddlers in June was cancelled due to a snow storm...

Oh how I am beginning to hate pool. I lost again tonight 3-0, this time I did not throw the cue I just hit the 8-ball in on my first shot cause I was ticked off and just didn't want to play anymore. I just have lost the touch. I don't see the shots anymore. 3 weeks ago I was on fire; I saw every shot and made most of them, now I am lucky to make anything. It makes no sense to me. I don't recall ever just forgetting how to do something like this. I practiced and practiced until I was getting quite good. And now I have a very hard time finishing a game when I'm practicing by myself. I'm thinking it's just a bunch of pent up anger/aggression from how bad I've been playing, being annoyed that my body seems to be falling apart since I've come down here, and the fact that I have a very hard time lately trying to get to sleep. It's actually becoming a large issue down here many folks just can't sleep anymore. This is such a big issue that Denver has become aware of it and has some things in the works to try and combat this problem. Personally I'm trying to get a workout routine going again. I know I will feel much better if i can get back into shape, both mentally and physically. So tonight after such a horrendous game of pool (exponentially worse than the last game I whined about) I hit the gym and completely kicked my own butt. It's impressive how out of shape I am, but i will hopefully get it back by the time i leave here. It's very hard to get back into things after so long away, but i'm sicking of hearing myself comment on well 6 years ago i was (insert lame comment about the past). I finally came to the realization that i was that guy, that guy i hate who sits around doing nothing dwelling on the old days rather than getting off his tush and doing something about the present. Well no more. I may not get back the body I had six years ago, but i'm sure going to try.

Off to watch BSG, i just completed the second and final season of Green Wing today ( a brit comedy that EVERYONE needs to try and find and watch) i will be forcing everyone i know to watch it when i return :}

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