Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's going to be a long few days

Oy i'm tired. I worked last night from 8:30pm until 5:30am this morning, tried to sleep but couldn't. Got maybe 2, max 3 hours of sleep. Got up at noon, went and worked in the Dish Pit until 4, I'm going to go attempt to work out now at 5, then i have to work in the store from 6-7, then i may play volleyball till 9ishpm, and then i have about 6 hours worth of work left to finish up timecards so i should be up until 3ish am. Then i have to work in the dish pit tomorrow from 10am -8pm. Oy

Oh did i mention i frostbit my nose again, or maybe frostnip i really don't know the difference. It has been red all week and peeling so me thinks frostbite. This was from a wonderful alarm we had go off in one of the outbuildings last week at 1am. We were outside for 3ish hours in -87F temps, 25knot winds at -128F windchill. Pretty cold let me tell you. It was interesting to see just how hard it is to try and use radios when you are wearing mittens. I had to take my mittens off frequently because my battery kept freezing, lucky me i forgot to wear glove liners so my hands were jsut exposed. And since I'm Team 1 lead I'm on the radio a lot. My frozen hands coupled with the frustration of trying to use a radio with mittens made for a very interesting night. There was one good thing that came out of the event, it for the first time felt like winter. Between the blowing snow and the smoke from the generator exhaut and the very dark conditions it was, well miserable and i loved it :}

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