Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Night Photos!

So I've been working on the night shots and have finally figured out what was causing my problems. The problem turned out to be that I had the lens set to a focus beyond infinity. Yeah, think about that one for a bit. When I moved the focus back a bit to sit on the exact line of infinity then it worked. Go figure...

So here are some photos that were slightly out of focus prior to figuring out my little problem.

This is standing on the main deck where we have a red light out. very blurry.

I picture the sexy devil in the photo saying, "Heya baby, come here often?" mainly because of the picture following it that I sent out in an email reminder for timecards (there's a cat theme in timecard reminders that was started last winter and as much as i wanted to kill it, many folks protested so i keep it going).

Here's the cat I'm referring to:

I found a nice little surprise when I got back in that night, I caught what seems to be a satellite going across the sky. I was very disappointed that the pictures were so blurry, but they're still kind of cool.

The next four images were all taken one after another, and luckily I got something in the sky, satellite or alien spacecraft??

Picture me roaring in the following photo, cause well I did.

Here are a few more semi blurry photos of the station:

I don't know why, but every night photo I've taken has been when the moon was up and full so there are very few stars. I'm going to try and get some star shots next week or so. One of the DSL guys sent out an email with plots of the moon's position in the sky while we're here.

You can see the exhaust from the power plant in the right.

Now once I finally figured out that I was bending the laws of physics and trying to shoot beyond infinity I was able to correct and get some decent photos for once.

Ohh look at this sexy beast sporting the latest in ECW trends!

Oh look it's daytime...I was having fun playing with the settings, and exposure times. I really like the blues in the sky, quite purdy imho.

And here we have another shot of the station with the moon, shocking. This one does have the dome in it though. Might as well absorb all the dome inclusive photos while you can, they have planned to remove it this coming summer...

A shot with the pole

A couple of days ago we had a SAR(search and rescue) drill, where Krissie and I played the role as the victims. The scenario was that her and I left in the morning to go do snowstakes and never came back. The scenario would continue with Krissie leaving early as she was cold, while I finished the stakes only she never made it to the station and when I returned I got lost. One of the steps during a search and rescue is to pull all the window covers and turn all the lights on so that if someone is lost out somewhere they would more than likely see the lights from the station. This was the only time we had the covers off since it started getting dark, and will be the last time we have them off unless something real were to happen. Knowing this, as soon as the drill was completed I grabbed the camera and went outside to grab some very rare shots.

And here they are:

You can see a couple of people silhouetted in the windows on the left.

Man I wish the moon wasn't out, this would have been so cool with a star filled sky.

Oh there's a star!

I tried to get the dome in this but, whatevs

There's Jude, one of the docs on station grabbing photos too.

It really looked awesome seeing all the lights on through the windows. I'm glad I got these photos when I did, they shored the station up shortly after.

I think that's long enough for today, stayed tuned for the next blog regarding Pip's wrongful imprisonment!

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