Friday, June 12, 2009

Interim Post

I'm not quite ready for the Pip post yet, but had to throw these photos up. We took our midwinter group shots today minus a few folks who didn't feel like showing up...

It was pretty cold outside as usual and i somehow forgot to take my gator, holy cow my face was cold.

The photos were taken by Patrick Cullis (Cully), using Tripp's fancy new 5D Mark II body and his own lens. They turned out amazing. Thanks Cully!

Outside the dome, with the station in the background. Notice a shooting star in the sky as well. This photo is just awesome it really ticks me off that it was too much to ask for everyone to come out and be in the photo because we're not going to be able to use these, or so I assume. Leave it to the few to ruin it for the many...

And this is inside the dome.

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Slartibartfast said...

Pictures are awesome!