Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Twin Otter

Well it's still here. It's a good thing that Krissie and I got moved out of our room when we did since the pilots had to spend the night here. The weather is not looking so hot right now, and I have no idea where they are in the repair process, so they may be here a while.

I finished a few photos from yesterday. They are watermarked like crazy and small because I don't want them walking off, if you know what I mean. I will eventually be putting them up on deviantart, sans the watermarks. until then, the couple of folks who read this thing will have to just suffer ;}

Here they are:

Robert, one of the science techs.

We had to tow the plane to the Otter Pits

Poor little plane :{

In my opinion, this is the best photo I have ever done down here. I absolutely love this thing!

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Slartibartfast said...

Yeah, there's just something about airplane pictures...

That first one reminds me of a 66 degrees north ad from Iceland - will see if I can find a copy, think you'd like it. -Ian-