Friday, August 14, 2009

Frozen Pictures

Just thought that I would put up some photos of what I look like after coming in from snow stakes. These photos were from last month.

I was having a hard time seeing while trying to finish the snow stakes; my head lamp was dying. I called Krissie and had her bring my camera and some new batteries.

I don't wear goggles when I'm outside, they are a pain in the tush due to the very short amount of time before they completely fog over. And my glasses fog up instantly when I am outside with my gaiter on. I just have a little slit that I see through, unfortunately it was starting to freeze over making it quite difficult to see anything coupled with the dying headlamp.

The ice coverage was beginning to melt in the short amount of time I was indoors, which meant I could start to see again, yay!

You can see my eyes now!

A closeup; here you can see where my skin is turning white above my eyes. Most of the ice in front of my eyes has melted away in this picture. I had to go back outside after this and take a few more measurements, when I came back in and took my gear off there were ice chunks on the gaiter still after 2 hours of sitting in my warm office...

I love this place :}

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jeanne said...

For being so smart you're sure dumb!
Not only are you not gonna have fingers left, you are no longer gonna have any eyes either.