Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well, since I don't think I've ever shown a picture with Krissie and myself standing by each other, and I don't plan on searching through my posts to find out, I thought I would throw this image up. It's one of my favorite photos taken by Mr. Benjamin Burke, title "Time Machine". It really shows the size difference between the two of us :}

Yup, I have my head shaved quite often down here! Sorry granny, I know you hate to see it :} Look at how ginormous I look compared to her. The photo was dubbed "Time Machine" because Krissie came into Ben's and my office during the summer and showed us the cool little battery powered disco ball she found in the Met office. We then went out into the hallway found a good source of sunlight and began to attempt to travel in time! We're amused by so little down here :}

We had a lot of weird looks from the folks walking through the halls: they were obviously just jealous of our cool doodad!

You can see the little light reflections bouncing around everywhere. Oh how the winter would have been different if our buddy Ben was down here with us :}

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jeanne said...

Thank you:) I printed it out and will make a copy for home and work.
If that doesn't help I still have you!!