Thursday, November 20, 2008

Short quick post WITH A PHOTO!!

So i don't have much time this morning, suprise, suprise but I thought I would hustle my butt and throw this pic up on the site. It's a small pic so this should be realatively easy...

Anywho, this awesome little bugger will be flying in today to the pole for the first time ever. It's a trial run, where they are going to be doing and lot of touch and goes and various other awesome things. I will be taking a ton of photos, obviously no one will ever see them at the rate i've beeen going however. But fear not, I am working on a little system to get my photos up here.

anyway here she is, aint she purdy?


Slartibartfast said...

Skier nine-two! With new props, and looks like a wash/wax too :) I think they got the props from the salad shooter folks.

Keep the posts coming!

czahra said...

There is more green in the background of that picture than I thought I would ever see in one of your pictures!