Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ok so

Hopefully tomorrow!

The satellites allowing internet access are only around between 4AM and 2PM...I mean seriously! Sooo, i'm gonna try and get up uber early tomorrow an get stuff done on le internet. I may just stay up here in my office since I don't sleep much in the jamesway. I sleep for an hour, get woken up, try and get comfortable, not possible, use my nalgen (the 2L one), take a drink of water, 10 seconds later grab the ol 2L, try and get comfy...again not possible. Then finally get to sleep around 4 get up at 6:30 head into breakfast. Now for those of you who have known me a bit, you know that i am not the tidiest person on the earth, so i may not be able to get comfy because my room is a disaster, my bed is of course not made. I just grab whatever is laying on the bed closest to me and try and cover up, first night it was portion of my ginormous kevlar comforter, second night it was a sheet or a pillow cover not sure, last night was a portion of a fitted sheet and i think a towel. :}

I really need to find a girlfriend down here ;} I think I've made my own bed maybe a couple dozen times in my life, any other times it's been made has been from annoyed roommates (though why they were annoyed about my bed not being made is beyond me), girlfriends, or my mom.

Oh yah forgot to mention, my room generally wreaks of either diesel, or kerosene or somethin. I'm slowly geting used to that. And the other problem is that my room gets so freaking hot, and just gets warmer depending on the position of the sun, so as the "night" progresses I get these intense heat spikes. Weird huh.