Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting quite dark here...

The view out my window is beautiful yet again. The sun is no longer there on the horizon but the colors it has left are amazing. I wonder how much more of this i have to see before i get to see some stars. Man i would love to see some stars.

The sun was getting lower and lower, this was the second best view i had from my room of the sunset. Again around 12:30am

Krissie and I decided to go up on the roof to get some shots, this is the sun shown in between the sun globes. Met uses these to track the path of the sun and such, the sun shines into these and burns a path through a piece of a special piece of paper that sits in the curved portion you see surrounding the globes. They're not quite effective at these temperatures or with the sun this low naturally...They were taken down not to long after this shot was taken.

And here was the best view of the sun i had all season. Mainly because the sun was gone and should not have been there. Naturally i grabbed my camera to go get a bunch of photos. This was when i frostbit my whole hand. Lame.
As you can see in the photo here after a certain point we all switch over to the clear lenses for our goggles. Once the sun gets low enough the orange tint becomes a pain in the tush.
It was crazy beautiful. The sun had this really cool mirage effect going (well that's basically what it was so it makes sense) it is very hard to describe. I've never seen it before and probably never will again, who knows.

Here is a the same shot above essentially just zoomed all the way in. You can see that the sun is just a little sliver that sort of line going through it was shimmering and moving like a mirage or heatwave. Second floor of the station. I was standing on the ob deck when i took these photos here.

You can see the telescope and the sun in this shot.

The stairway into DA (Destination Alpha), the main entrance to the station. DSL seen in the background.
Taken from under the station.

DA's stairwell again

Yup same stairwell

I liked the stairwell ok...

Through the stairwell, a little different than the others ;}
Pic does this view no justice :{

This one does however...

Well i hope you liked the shots, they are the last shots of the sun i think i will be seeing. Hopefully i will be able to get some nice photos of the sky. If not i will just put a bunch of pictures made in mspaint to resemble the sky ;}

One fun little side note for this blog; I've been growing out my nails as of about two weeks ago. This is only the second time in my life that i can remember having any sort of fingernails. It's very very painful to let them grow back in after so many years of being a nailbiter but not as painful as having them it would seem. You see all summer i would walk down the hallway running my fingers down the hall's walls. Well there are these seams every few feet for the wall material, and about 4 days ago i was walking down the hallway running my fingers along the wall as usual when it got caught in a seam. A bright flash of light in my vision and incredible pain the ensued. This was not the first time i had done this, i did it a few days earlier, did i learn my lesson apparently not...This time however i have. My finger was bleeding it cut into my finger tip rolling the skin under my finger nail, it split my finger nail 1/3 of the way up and halfway across the nail. I had blood splattered on my palm and finger ( not a lot but it did splatter). I was this close to cutting off all my nails again... The finger was black from the blood and such for a few days, i recently cut the broken part off and superglued up the cut. It doesn't look too bad right now, just lame. I was going to put a pic or two up, but they were kinda gross. Stupid dang fingernails...


Slartibartfast said...

Looks like that Krissie lady has the glove (mitten?) thing figured out :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent Photos, and thanks. We up here at higher lines on the globe love to see the sunsets..
Is the sun down for good this time? Or is it going to refract up a bit one more time? I know if it does you will get us a pic! Thanks again we do appreciate ALL of them!