Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Haven't updated this thing in over a

Have a two day weekend coming up, hopefully I can spare and hour or two to get this up to date. Little fun side note, today I had my eyelashes, gaiter, and hat freeze together. That was fun, didn't realize it until i tried to pull my gaiter down which just pulled my eyelids down in a painful manner...By the time I got back inside I had a 5/16" ice ball dangling from my left eyelashes. While outside it was annoying me constantly being in my vision so I grabbed it assuming it was just something stuck to my hat, bad idea...

Anywho, this weekend me thinks.


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Archie said...

Man, I've had many articles of closing frozen on me, but I don't think ever TO me (outside of metal attachments). Of course twas only back home (though before GW), but still how long were you out there?